At 80dB, our culture thrives on a blend of continuous learning and vibrant engagements. Growth, is after all best propelled by the synergy of formal training and the dynamic of informal interactions.

Our learning sessions are diverse and inclusive, ranging from enrolling candidates in PRCAI sessions to specially curated programs for juniors and new joinees with PR Moment. We invite industry leaders to speak to us about their domain, engage experts in the field of marketing, PR, digital marketing to offer insights into new trends and business practices. This commitment to learning is epitomized in our weekly ‘Learning Hour,’ a dedicated time for collective learning on issues as diverse as the role of positioning, internal comms to leveraging AI and its hacks to our advantage.

But of course, it’s never all work. From regular movie outings to the much-anticipated annual offsite, our calendar is dotted with celebrations throughout the year.


A team that parties together, stays together
Our founders' 'starting in the garage' moment
Time for cake...again!
X'mas lunch
Birthday celebration in the office
A Team Celebration
Annual offsite 2023
At the movies
Interactive session with a trainer on presentations & storytelling
Annual offsite to Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace
Team get together
Offsite 2022 to Taj Dumduma
Good times in Bengaluru
Offsite 2023
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