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At 80 dB, our story is a testament to the power of connections and relationships. It began with the meeting of our founders at 20:20 MEDIA (now 2020MSL), India’s pioneering tech-only PR firm. Their journey over the last two decades, evolving from colleagues to friends and finally co-founders, encapsulates the essence of our company’s ethos—a relationship-first, people-focused approach.

This philosophy is the foundation and DNA of 80 dB, our north star if you will. Expectedly, we place immense value on our client partnerships and the well-being of our team, guiding our decisions and reducing bureaucracy to create a more dynamic and responsive environment. This approach isn’t just about good business; it’s about fostering a culture where meaningful connections thrive and everyone involved feels valued and heard.

As the PR landscape transforms, embracing digital channels and instantaneous content delivery, our craft has expanded to include diverse communicative disciplines, including digital communication, influencer engagement, social media, and much more. Storytelling remains at our core, pivoting from mere promotion to fostering authentic connections and trust. 80 dB is poised to navigate the evolving tides of PR with a clear vision: embracing authentic narratives, fostering an integrated PR approach, and elevating personal branding to reinforce organizational trust.

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learn more about 80 db

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